A new ERA: The umbrella association seeking to speak with one European voice on renal disease


Nicholas Inston (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK), secretary of the Vascular Access Society (VAS) and chairman of the editorial board for Renal Interventions interviews Christoph Wanner (University Hospital Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany), president of the European Renal Association (ERA). They talk about the priorities and direction for this 50-year-old society, following its recent name change.

While the ERA sets its sights firmly on large-scale data collection via a registry on dialysis and transplantation in Europe, and identifies nephrologists as the core of its membership, it is also “in essence” broadening its base to surgeons, radiologists and members of dialysis teams through collaboration with other societies such as VAS. There is a renewed focus on education for ERA in addition to research–which marks a shift from the past, Wanner says.

Importantly, they discuss whether there will be a continuing special relationship with the UK, despite Brexit.


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