CareDx expands portfolio with new AI-based tool for predicting kidney allograft rejection risk


CareDx recently announced that it plans to expand its growing multimodality portfolio with AiKidney—a new clinical decision support tool for allograft risk assessment that is in development, and includes the company’s AlloSure testing tool and other transplant metrics.

This follows CareDx’s recently announced plans to add an artificial intelligence (AI) prognostic for cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV). Presentations covering these developments occurred during the 2022 American Transplant Congress (ATC; 4–8 June, Boston, USA).

“Studies have shown the effectiveness of CareDx’s multimodality solutions for routine kidney transplant surveillance and for identifying immune-quiescence,” said Miklos Molnar (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA). “AiKidney supports this assessment by providing information about a patient’s risk of allograft rejection and expected long-term graft survival. I am excited with innovations such as this one that have the potential to help prolong kidney allograft survival, which remains suboptimal at the 10-year mark.”

AiKidney delivers information about a patient’s current risk of rejection and a prognosis of allograft survival at three, five and seven years, according to a CareDx press release. It can be used for informing clinical management decisions and to help clinicians predict the long-term impact of treatments. As transplant patient care becomes more complex, with an increasing focus on optimising immunosuppression and long-term care, AlloSure is the only donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) solution that features this additive, AI-enabled risk assessment algorithm, the release adds.

“CareDx is driving the next wave of transplant innovation with multimodality that amplifies the power of AlloSure by incorporating artificial intelligence,” said Reg Seeto, CEO and president of CareDx. “AiKidney has the potential to set a new standard of care through precision medicine by generating new insights to support earlier interventions or to modulate immunosuppression when assessing the risk of rejection by physicians. This approach aligns very much with our mission of improving long-term outcomes through innovative solutions.”

“We are proud to work with CareDx to apply innovative digital health solutions to drive earlier data-driven interventions with molecular precision,” said Alex Loupy, founder of OrganX. “This ongoing partnership is yielding positive results and it is exciting to see AiKidney coming to fruition in the clinic.”


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