Dialyss Pte Limited acquired by NextKidney BV


NextKidney BV has announced the acquisition of Dialyss Pte Limited from 1 January 2022. According to a press release, this marks a major milestone towards the commercialisation of the first truly portable, sorbent-based haemodialysis device, the Neokidney—which the company claims is scheduled for 2023.

Dialyss Pte Limited specialises in innovative technologies for the sorbent-based regeneration of dialysate during (home) dialysis. According to a press release, the close integration of both teams will significantly increase the efficiency of development processes and reduce costs for supply chain, manufacturing, and marketing.

The combined team is currently preparing for a first-in-human trial in Singapore, which will be followed by a European multicentre trial and submission for CE marking scheduled in 2023.

The Neokidney will be groundbreaking for the daily treatment of dialysis patients all over the world, the press release adds. The device will be the world’s smallest, most user-friendly and cost-effective home haemodialysis device, using only four litres of fluids per session, according to the company. It is also fully independent of water supply and drain, and can therefore be used by patients any time and anywhere.


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