Baxter collaborating with AWS to enhance “digital transformation” of dialysis portfolio


baxter aws collaborationThrough collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Baxter International is using cloud technology solutions to accelerate its company-wide digital transformation. According to a Baxter press release, this transformation will take place across three strategic areas—developing new digital health solutions to personalise and improve patient care; creating seamless experiences for healthcare customers and patients; and modernising technology capabilities and business processes to deliver data and insights to employees and customers.

“Our digital transformation will help us advance our mission to save and sustain lives while delivering value to our patients, clinicians, customers and employees,” said Andy Frye, Baxter’s senior vice president, Asia Pacific, and executive sponsor of the company’s digital transformation. “Our goals are ambitious, and we are collaborating with digital leaders like AWS to reach our goals at a speed and scale that will transform Baxter into a company driven by data and insights.”

As part of the company-wide effort, Baxter extended its multi-year strategic agreement with AWS to further drive the company’s use of the cloud as a foundational element of its technology infrastructure. For several years, the companies have been working together to move Baxter’s physical data centres to the cloud—a process that is now nearly complete.

Enabling a secure, cloud-based foundation has helped modernise many of the company’s platforms and applications. When compared to operating physical data centres, the transition to the cloud has delivered several benefits to Baxter, including increased speed to market for new tools and solutions, the ability to quickly expand technology solutions to new geographies, and significant cost savings, according to the release.

The release also states that Baxter’s cloud infrastructure is essential to expanding its portfolio of digital health solutions, which span high- and low-acuity care settings, including home dialysis. The company’s Sharesource remote patient management platform allows healthcare professionals to securely and compliantly monitor their patients’ home dialysis treatments, and then remotely adjust therapy without the need for patients to make unplanned visits to the clinic.

Sharesource—which is powered by AWS—enables Baxter to support daily treatments at scale while also expanding the platform to include new analytics capabilities, among other enhancements. Sharesource is the most widely adopted home dialysis digital health solution, the release adds, supporting nearly 46% of home dialysis patients in more than 70 countries. Sharesource has been used to manage more than 28 million treatments to date, according to Baxter.


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