Fresenius Medical Care introduces Kinexus connected health platform for home dialysis


fresenius medical care kinexusThrough its Renal Therapies Group, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) has introduced the Kinexus Therapy Management Platform—a new connected health platform for home dialysis that supports the management of a patient’s peritoneal dialysis therapy on the company’s Liberty Select Cycler machine. Kinexus is designed to enhance clinical workflows, enabling advanced therapy programming capabilities that aim to improve patient outcomes and nurse productivity, according to FMCNA.

“The Kinexus platform is an important step to further accelerating the adoption of home dialysis by enabling patient treatment data to flow more easily and simply to the care teams,” said Mark Costanzo, president of FMCNA’s Renal Therapies Group. “Our new connected health system is compatible, agile, and scaleable, which will allow for an evolution of new features.”

The Kinexus platform is available for all dialysis providers, according to a company press release. The Kinexus Gateway is combined with the Liberty Select Cycler to transmit treatment information to the cloud-based Kinexus Portal, where clinical staff can visualise the patient’s treatment data. Benefits associated with Kinexus include:

  • Cloud-based: Ability to manage Liberty Select patients’ care any time via timely, automatic transmission of patient treatment data to the care team.
  • Advanced: Replaces and improves on IQsystem technology to better support therapy programming.
  • Efficient: Reduces reliance on paper flow sheets, helping improve clinicians’ workflow and productivity.

The benefits of using a connected health platform, such as Kinexus, may include reduced hospitalisations and technique failure, while evidence also suggests that connected health is associated with a 15% reduction in patient dropout and increased longevity on peritoneal dialysis, by 3.5 months, according to FMCNA.

“By making recent treatment data more easily accessible to clinicians, we hope to empower care teams to resolve treatment issues earlier as well as reduce unnecessary hospitalisations,” said Mike Anger, chief medical officer for FMCNA’s Renal Therapies Group. “This is a significant and important upgrade that will make the home dialysis experience even better for patients and providers.”

While initially targeted for integration with the Liberty Select Cycler, the Kinexus connected health platform is designed to support other FMCNA home products in the future. More information on the Kinexus Therapy Management Platform can be found here.


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