Fresenius Medical Care launches new educational augmented reality application for kidney replacement therapy


fresenius medical care kinexusFresenius Medical Care announced the launch of its new augmented reality (AR) glasses and its accompanying application, Ready4 MultiFiltratePro AR, at the first day of the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine ([ISICEM], 19–22 March, Brussels, Belgium).

Developed for use with Fresenius’s continuous kidney replacement therapy system MultiFiltratePro, the AR application is comprised of digital learning modules—covering topics such as how to set up the machine, how to activate the citrate pump or how to handle several system components through the AR training—which are then streamed via the use of the AR glasses as the wearer uses the dialysis machine. This, Fresenius states, will allow nursing staff to learn how to use acute dialysis machines within the intensive care wards.

Fresenius hopes that this new AR training resource will allow nursing staff to remain on-site in intensive care units (ICU), which have suffered from shortages globally, by allowing for flexible, ongoing training and education that can take place on site, keeping staff where they are needed most.

Commenting on this announcement, Katarzyna Mazur-Hofsäß, Fresenius Medical Care management board member, stated that “[Fresenius has] a dedicated focus on leveraging advanced technology to develop and provide the most innovative technologies, engineered to facilitate and simplify the learning process. Our innovative solution is designed to ensure that nursing staff, particularly those in intensive care units, are equipped with the knowledge needed to provide high-quality and exceptional patient care”.

Ready4 MultiFiltratePro AR will be launched in select markets as early as Q2 2024, with a limited launch of the MultiFiltratePro taking place in the USA in the latter part of 2024. Once the Safety of Regional Citrate Anticoagulation (SARCA) trial has been completed successfully, Fresenius plans for a full launch of the MultiFiltratePro with the Ready4 MultiFiltratePro AR learning experience in 2025.


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