Outset presents multiple data sets on home dialysis modalities at NKF spring clinical meetings


Outset Medical has announced the release of three new data sets related to home dialysis—each of which are being presented during the ongoing National Kidney Foundation (NKF) spring clinical meetings (6–10 April 2022; Boston, USA).

The results from scientific papers shared by the company highlight patient and nephrologist views on home haemodialysis (HHD) adoption and the hidden costs of peritoneal dialysis (PD), according to Outset, and include:

  • A national survey of 202 dialysis patients, which found that 72% viewed the features of the Tablo haemodialysis system as a significant clinical improvement in home haemodialysis, and 77% said the Tablo’s features would make them more likely to try home haemodialysis.
  • A second national survey of 184 nephrologists, which found that 77% said the features of Tablo were a significant improvement over existing home haemodialysis devices and 98% said these features would make them more likely to recommend home haemodialysis to their patients.
  • A third data set evaluating the cost of PD failure—which is associated with a near-100% risk of hospitalisation during the six months preceding discontinuation, according to Outset. The study found that more than US$72,000 is spent per patient in the three months before and three months after PD failure. Further, after the transition from PD to in-centre haemodialysis, hospitalisations remain higher for former PD patients over time.

“Ongoing research and continuous innovation are critical to our mission at Outset to improve the lives of those in need of kidney care,” said Michael Aragon, chief medical officer of Outset. “The data Outset presented at this meeting highlights the potential advantages of Tablo to both patients and providers, and potential cost-reduction benefits of earlier PD to HHD conversions when signs are present that PD is no longer producing optimal results for patients.”


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