Rubicon Founders launches Evergreen Nephrology with intent to “transform” kidney care


evergreen nephrologyRubicon Founders has announced the launch of Evergreen Nephrology—a company partnering with nephrologists to transform kidney care, according to a press release. Evergreen is focused on transforming kidney care for patients across the USA and believes that nephrologists are best positioned to lead this charge. Evergreen has also announced its first joint venture with Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, which is a leader in nephrology care and has the top outcomes nationally in value-based care programmes, the release adds.

“More than 37 million Americans have kidney disease, and it is the ninth leading cause of death in the USA,” said Adam Boehler, CEO of Rubicon Founders and executive chairman of Evergreen Nephrology. “This is unacceptable and is why we created Evergreen—to transform kidney care by partnering with physicians to put them at the helm of value-based care. Our goal at Evergreen is to help create a better life for people living with kidney disease. Evergreen Nephrology takes a unique approach to partner with nephrology groups, enabling them to enter value-based arrangements by providing them with full clinical, technical, and financial support.”

Since 2015, more than 12,000 people have died each year waiting for a transplant, or were removed from the waiting list after becoming ‘too sick to transplant’, according to the release. Additionally, racial and ethnic minorities are adversely affected by kidney disease and yet are less likely to receive a kidney transplant. “Evergreen Nephrology and its nephrologist partners believe that the status quo is unacceptable and are committed to providing best in class care for people suffering from kidney disease,” the release also states. “This includes delaying disease progression, shifting kidney care home, and getting patients needed organ transplants.”

Evergreen partners with nephrologists to provide them with resources to invest in an expanded care model, the financial backing needed to take total cost of care risk, and a technical platform built for a value-based environment. Evergreen will also partner with dialysis providers and hospitals to share risk and enable better outcomes for patients.

“Partnering with Evergreen Nephrology continues our practices’ effort to be a leader in value-based nephrology care,” said Dylan Steer, CEO of Balboa Nephrology Medical Group. “We are also founding members of InterWell Health, a renal population health management company with the largest national network of high-performing nephrologists, and we view joining Evergreen as continuing our focus of putting patients at the centre of care—with physicians at the helm. This is a mission that the entire team at Balboa remains squarely behind.”


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