Ascend Clinical chooses “category leaders” to advance renal care with AI


Ascend Clinical claims to have become the first customer to leverage an artificial intelligence (AI) solution with deep learning models—provided by SambaNova Systems and DeLorean AI—in an attempt to advance kidney care by classifying, tracking and transitioning renal patients through disease states, and providing recommended actions for treatment and care.

“We are committed to providing world-class care to our patients, so our laboratories need the most innovative technology,” said Paul Beyer, CEO of Ascend. “We are looking forward to advancing our AI initiatives to provide a higher level of precision and improve our customers’ insights into their own data.”

The DeLorean AI medical renal model, running on SambaNova’s platform, ingests both structured and unstructured data from internal sources (such as Ascend or other dialysis centres), and external sources like medical records, lab results, previous claims and procedural data. The AI model predicts if a patient will be high- or low-risk and then recommends the best action for a healthcare professional to take. 

According to an Ascend press release, this is the first solution on the market to accurately predict risk, provide next best actions, and empower nursing management to hold caregivers accountable for their quality of care. The financial implications of the AI model are “significant”, the release adds, including decreased operating costs and a better customer experience for patients, in addition to better quality of life and an extended lifespan.

“SambaNova and DeLorean’s medical AI solution is revolutionary—we are bringing AI to an industry that truly needs it,” said Severence MacLaughlin, CEO and founder at DeLorean. “The solution will provide Ascend customers with value-based care by providing them with precise classifications, faster, and timely treatment recommendations along their patient journey.”

The DeLorean/SambaNova AI solution is subscription-based, can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and is extensible to other areas of the business, the release continues. Labs across the USA can also deploy the solution for tracking states like diabetes, heart disease or cancer, in addition to its uses in kidney care.


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