Diality unveil new haemodialysis system at ASN Kidney Week 2023


Diality introduced its Moda-flx haemodialysis system on 4 November 2023 at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week meeting, where it was also the subject of a poster session titled ‘Blood flowrate accuracy with Diality haemodialysis systems’.

Diality’s goal for the Moda-flx Hemodialysis System is to reduce the burden of care for all kidney care stakeholders and progress Diality’s mission of improving lives impacted by kidney disease.

The main draw of Diality’s Moda-flx Hemodialysis System, according to authors Clayton Poppe, Nicholas Hyun and Blaine Murakami (Diality), is accurate system performance, one aspect of which is accurate blood flow measurement. The Moda-flx Hemodialysis System is able to correct factors that can lead to a reduction in the expected flowrate compared to the manufacturers stated accuracy at high blood flowrates. These factors, which can lead to a reduction in flowrates of up to 80–100ml/min at a setpoint of 500ml/min (compared to the accuracy of +/-10% stated by most haemodialysis manufacturers), can also cause a reduction in Kt/V of 8.4%, depending on the dialysis flowrate.

According to Poppe et al, the use of an algorithm that collects information from a range of variables—including pump head speed, inlet and outlet pressures, tubing ageing and temperature—can predict the flowrate by comparing these factors to changes in blood flow.

The authors conclude that “understanding the variables that lead to changes in blood flow and using them to control blood flow in real time can lead to better blood flow accuracy” which in turn, they add, “can lead to higher average Kt/V for higher treatments with high blood flowrates.


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